Monday, March 13, 2006

Review of Ford Falcon from Australia

It's no secret that I love the Australian Ford Falcon, and think that it should be here in the US. So as part of my policy of promotion for the Falcon, I offer you this link to an article reviewing the new Falcon's base model. You know for a "base" model it comes very well equiped, check some of the standard features.


Ben Kraal said...

A good friend of mine has a BA XT as a company car. That review reflects my assessment, too.

The thing that the pictures in their don't show is just how massive the engine is. It's huge! Openning the bonnet reveals this massive lump of iron sitting in the engine bay.

Jonathan said...

Yo man the Falcons are great especially the Xr models and not to mention the higher class Gt's and Utes they can be practical like the Xt and they can Be a sports vehicle yet the plain utes are work horses so WIN WIn For Ford Au