Monday, March 06, 2006

Revisit the SVO

Today so much is made of the Honda Civic Si making 197 hp, with little mention of it's 138 lb ft of torque. But 20 years ago, Ford had a 4cyl hot hatch that made 200 hp and 200 lb ft of torque. The Ford SVO Mustang. Powerful and balanced, with decent fuel economy. It was compared favorably with BMW 3 series of the time. Made only for a few years, it was the most forward thinking Mustang ever built. To compare the 1986 Mustang GT with V8 only made 20 hp more, and because of the weight of the engine, handling while good was not as good as the SVO.
So here's an idea, couldn't Ford bring out a new SVO? With all of the technological advances made in fuel injection and engine management, the same 2.3 or now 2.5 I4 could easily put out 250 hp or more. The lighter weight of the engine in an already excellent chassis, would make it a real autobahn burner.
Dodge SRT4 230 hp . Wouldn't stand a chance against a new SVO Mustang.
Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged with 210 hp. An SVO would make it look silly.

Hell, it would make any tuner vehicle except maybe the EVO and WRX look like it was standing still. The advantage of all wheel drive may not even be enough.

So what do you think? A new SVO turbo 4 Mustang?


Shawn said...

I'm not so sure another Mustang variation is what we need. Right now, the Mustang is too big for a lightweight compact fighter.

Ford desperately needs a compact car. It will take them too long to develop something brand new, but it would probably be too expensive to import the Euro cars. The quick fix is for them to sharpen the current Focus and power it up until a new model can be readied.

Although I have a feeling they're just sitting on their hands in some boardroom somewhere.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, you may be right, but I don't see a real down side to an SVO Mustang, as a limited production run.

You have a valid point about the Focus being more appropriate.

But a new 2007 Mustang SVO would be so cool none the less.

I'd like to see a new SVT Focus, Fusion and of course a turbo 1.6 Reflex.

NLPRacing said...

I think a new Mustang SVO with an all aluminum twin turbocharged Duratec35 making about 350 to 400 HP would be very cool. And if they could make it AWD, that would be even better.

Anonymous said...

No 4 cyl Mustangs , Sorry as much as I loved The SVO Mustang and even the lesser GT4 Turbo's . The new retro look ICON Mustang can not regress.

Build a RWD model off the Kabura concept from partner Mazda. I believe this is off the MX5 platform. 4 Cyl 2dr for under 25,000 with IRS 2 seat sports car.


Anonymous said...

they cant let a v6 or four cylinder mustang eclipse the shelby gt500, what i think they should offer, is a handling package which would add irs for 2000 dollars, the platform was engineered for it, so why not take advantage of it.

The reflex could be the compact fighter, it looks to be the same size as the kabura which would be taken of the mx-5 platform, so it would probly share platforms w/ that b/c they will be similarily priced. The reflex should get a turbo four top of the line svo package, w/ irs, stiffer suspension, retuned steering, brakes etc, and a very subtle aero should be a mature car not like all the other ricer sport compacts


Big Ford Fan said...

NLP Art, you have a good idea there, Shelby has the CS6 Mustang with a supercharger. I know that Jeff Fisher has pointed to the new 3.5 and says that it is suitable for rear wheel drive. So who knows.

BobZoom, I don't see a 4 cyl turbo as regression, but it seems that at least here, there is no support for it. So maybe you have a point. A Reflex turbo should be a reality. I've always advocated a turbo direct injected under 2.0L for this.

MF, good to see you back, you're right about not eclipsing the GT500. No doubt Ford doesn't want anything to take the spotlight away from that. But do you think Ford could or would offer the IRS as an option? Would it be feasable for production? You seem to agree with BobZoom and others about the Reflex being based on Kabura. I've been thinking it should be Fiesta based, to take advantage of a flexible plant, building niche models off the new B-Segment Ford for the US market. But I love the styling of the Reflex, and a rear wheel drive turbo 4 model would be exciting.

Igor said...

The Reflex and Kabura are very different concepts - despite looking similar.

Reflex really is just a sports compact.. it was FWD Fiesta based, and cheap... dirt cheap...

Kapuba is real sports car... RWD most probably becoming the MX3 if it gets a green.. it is based on MX5.

It is striking how similar they look, but the two brands are looking for different things. Mazda wants another sports car, Ford needs an attractive, esxciting mass product... different goals , different means... just someohe they look alike...

Somewhat whishful rumors have it that both are in the pipeline BTW.


Big Ford Fan said...

Igor, thanks for the input. I don't think the Reflex should be a Kabura clone. I think you hit the nail on the head, when you point to the distinction between the two. The Reflex needs to be a sporty mass market unit. I'd look forward to a sporty Reflex on Fiesta platform, and think it would be a better seller.