Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mazda 2 to be less ugly, facelift for Europe

These pictures are small, I'll try and post some larger ones when they are available. But the news is that the Mazda2, which shares a platform and powertrains with the Euro Ford Fiesta is getting a facelift.
You can see a familial look with the grill and tail lights. Looks like a Mazda3 that was left in the dryer too long.
A little improvement over the last 2, but still not as nice as the Fiesta.
This is the latest update on the Fiesta, and possibly the basis for a new US B-Segment model

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Anonymous said...

the mazda 2 was sold as the demio previously in japan 1998 and looks exactly the same as before (not the facelifted one, the current one)

In japan ford also sold a fiesta miniwagon which was the same as a mazda demio, with no different styling. The real advantage of this boxy shape is interior room, the fiesta miniwagon was quite roomy, and you could get it with many features back in 1998 my family had one fully loaded, it even had navigation system. for Japan it was a perfect car for the city, small easy to park and maneuver, and it had enough interior room to be useful]