Thursday, March 23, 2006

Test post

I had intended to post about the Mustang GT350H that was discussed at AutoBlog and the Panoz Esperante before I started to experience problems here.
Now it looks like it may have only been a temporary situation, so I'll see how things look on Friday. Brian of and Ben of Ben'sOzCarBlog have given me some advice over at AutoBloggers, but I still don't know what the fate of this blog will be. My contingency plan is to continue MyFordDreams on a new blog linked above, and also hosted on Blogger. I may just have reached some limits on photo storage or post limits. I have over 1100 posts and at least as many photos on here, and so many links that it maybe what's causing publishing problems.

So this is a test to see how the situation is shaping up.


Dotty Gale said...

Since you may be posting about Panoz, you may want to know that the other Georgia Ford derivative, Avanti has updated their website. It now has fewer broken links!!

chalacuna said...

Hmmnn.. you really are a proficient and hard working blogger.

Yeah.. is a very nice blog for autoracing and the latest development in the sportscar industry. The author has a very nice good taste on how to pick topics about racecars.

Shawn said...

...Man, I hate blog spam. Just for that, is the worst website ever!

Joe, I hope things work out. Your blog is one of my daily reads, and it would be sad if you decide not to do it anymore. On top of that, I understand when it is costing your too much time.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, what's with the comment on RaceDriven? Brian has a great page and has been very cooperative with me in the past. He's not Chalacuna, and I'm not sure that's spam. Am I missing something here?

Maintaining 3 blogs is going to be tough at first, but once I get in the groove things will improve, I hope.