Monday, March 06, 2006

Autoline Detroit, PSA Diesel Hybrid, and what it should mean for Ford.

I was watching Autoline Detroit, as I do every Sunday, and John McElroy was talking about new technologies and had a special segment on PSA (Citreon/Peugeot) Diesel Hybrid concept. He was fawning over it, and with it's combined fuel economy of 70 mpg, it's impressive. But I was yelling at the TV screeen, trying to remind John, that PSA isn't the only one that has such a concept. The Ford Reflex is a Diesel Hybrid! Ok, maybe the Reflex isn't as close to production, and it's hybrid system not as practical. But Ford has Hybrid and Diesels in their product mix.
Why can't Ford, combine the two existing technologies into the Fiesta and beet PSA to market? After all, the Ford Duratorq Diesels are a joint design with PSA, so they have half already. Couldn't this be mated with a scaled down verison of the Escape Hybrid's transmission and electric motor system?

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