Tuesday, March 21, 2006

NY City politicos call for Hybrid Crown VIc Taxis

I was reading in the New York Post, a paragraph saying Two Brooklyn Democrats were "urging" Ford to make a Hybrid version of the Crown Victoria. It amazes me that these two think Ford can just whip up a Hybrid, because they ask nicely. Now that doesn't mean I don't think Hybrid taxis couldn't work, far from it, but let's put a little thought into it.

I had posted several months ago about testing of Escape Hybrid taxis in several cities. Now for New York Escapes are too small for taxi service. But as I said then, the new 500 is sufficient in size for the job. And Ford is closer to a production Hybrid on the 500/FreeStyle. The Escape represents the 1st generation Hybrid fromFord, next will be Fusion/Milan Hybrids and later 500/Montego/FreeStyle versions. So New York taxi fleets should start evaluating the 500/FreeStyle for fleet use. Their all wheel drive and spacious itneriors would be an advantage. The chances of Ford creating a gas/electric hybrid of the Crown Victoria is like a snowball in hell, not going to happen. Hell, Ford is getting ready to phase out the large rear wheel drive platform, and shoot itself in the foot doing so.

I can't wait to figure out why I'm not able to post pictures to blogger, I've tried on 2 different computers, so I don't think it's me.

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