Monday, March 13, 2006

Mazdaspeed 6 vs Subaru Legacy GT Spec B at

My brother has one of these Mazdaspeed6 and it's an amazing car. And I'm posting this for him mostly. It makes sense to do a head to head between the Mazda and Subaru.
The Legacy GT spec B is an all wheel drive turbo charged midsize sedan that costs close the Mazda and doesn't have the "boy racer" look of the WRX STI Impreza.

But I want to know when we can expect this powertrain in the Fusion? Call it the SHO since SVT is essentially dead. Ford could use the image boost.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post & link.

Mazda has done well with the Mazdaspeed6 , this model introduces a lot of new technologies and first applications : direct injection , awd ( for 6) , serious contender for sport sedan. and for a freshman model it is doing well. Yes Chuck Mandel from Autoweek is right , the clutch take up can be abrupt in local driving. This car is at home on a nice uphill twisty mountain road.

Just over 2000 miles , not enough to give good review , but Spring is Monday and that means nice temps and no snow. So I expect to get more mileage and feed back. Zoom zoom.


Ben Kraal said...

Tests in Australia with the M6 and Legacy GT are mixed. There is no clear winner aparently.

Lucy said...

can't speak for the mazda spead6, but the 2008 spec.B handles incredibly on turns. Tested on those mountain raods in the Rockies...