Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's lights out for SVT according to AutoBlog and Inside Line

This will be the last vehicle to bear an SVT badge, well on the wheels anyway. According to an article at Inside Line, refferenced over at AutoBlog, the SVT division is being dismantled. So the Shelby GT500 will be an even more collectable model, not only the last Ford to carry a Shelby name, but also the last SVT vehicle. I can see them on E-Bay already.
It should have been no surprise, after the anouncement that the SVT Adrenaline was canceled. 2004 was the last year for the SVT division's models, Lightning, Mustang and Focus. There was talk of a crop of new products like the Adrenaline Sport Trac, a Fusion and more.
But now if you want a fast Fusion, buy a Mazdaspeed6, if you can get one of the only 5000.
And if you want an SVT Focus, buy a Volvo S40 or Mazdaspeed3.

So if you want any form of excitement from Ford (except Mustang), buy one of their partner brands?

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