Thursday, March 02, 2006

Didn't Mark Fields just get his new position at Ford?

Mark Fields, whose star rose so far so quick at Ford just started his new position as President of the Americas in September right? So why the hell does he need a "retention bonus" ensuring he'll stay 2 years? The guy is only 45, this makes no sense to me. Check the story out at the Detroit News. I found this over at Jalopnik, and nearly choked. Compensation for executives has just gotten out of hand. He's only been in the job 5 months and they're worried he's going to jump ship? How do they justify this bonus, when they're getting set to lay off 30,000 people? The bib brass ones on this guy are amazing. We better see great things from him, or him and Bill Ford Jr can pack their frigging bags and head out of town.

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