Thursday, March 16, 2006

MyFordDreams off for the weekend, Happy St Pat's

I'm going to be taking a break for a few days, don't expect to be posting. It's Saint Patricks Day Friday, and me being of Irish descent, I'm going to be going to the Parade in New York City and seeing family. You won't find me in some dark pub drinking green beer, that's not every Irishman. I won't be in church either, even though it is a feast day.

But I will be celebrating my Celtic heritage proudly and hopefully be surounded by Family and Friends. My oldest brother is a Fireman and will be marching. We're all very proud of him, and his involvment in several Irish American organizations like the AOH and Emerald Society. One of my brother in-laws is a Police Officer and will be playing the bagpipes for the first time in the New York parade, so we're all looking forward to that. Unfortunately my mother will not be in the city Friday, because the crowds and standing are too much, so hopefully my siblings and I will take a few pictures.

I'm Irish American on both sides, my Father's Grandfather being born in Ireland and both of my Mother's Parents being born in Ireland. My mother actually lived there for a short period, before her family returned to the US. And here's a stretch, but just so I can say that this post is Ford related, my Mother's Father worked in a Ford plant in New Jersey for a period of time.

Have a safe and happy holiday if you celebrate, and remember what it's really about, not beer and stupid hats, but family.

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