Saturday, March 18, 2006

National BioDiesel Day? AutoBlog has the scoop

Maybe in a few years it can be changed to National Fuel Independance Day, but for now it's National BioDiesel Day! Very interesting article and link to the site anouncing and explaing the event at AutoBlog. Above is a map of Arab Oil Fields, the main source for our national dependance. The "Crack Dealers" in Sheets, that cry for our deaths as they count our dollars.
It's important that we take these issues seriously. It's easy to laugh off "National BioDiesel Day" as some "Greenie" non-event, but that would be to our shame. I see Bio Fuels, especially Bio Diesel as one of the most important changes this country NEEDS to make. It just makes too much sense.

Yes BioDiesel is difficult to buy at this time, and depending on where you buy it, may cost slightly more, but it burns much cleaner than Petro Diesel and requires no modification to run in any Diesel Powered Vehicle. Diesel, the man originally designed his engines to run on Peanut Oil, and despite the development and evolution of Diesel powerplants over the last century, you can take any Diesel vehicle and run them on BioDiesel, with no modifications. And you'd be improving the Environment, Health of your neighbor, Economy and National Security with no more effort than filling your tank. And BioDiesel would work so well in some of those great European Ford models that we don't get!

I'll take the Mondeo Estate with the 2.0TDCI and 6 speed manual!


Anonymous said...

New to this site....I love Ford prducts as well.....I have had numerous Ford Products Including the Tbird Turbo Coupe and 5.0 Mustang....I have now just bought a Mazda Tribute S 2006, have a 1994 Ranger 4.0, and my wifes parents retired from GM, so we have a Malibu as well. We bought the Mazda because we got a better deal than the Escape. Also food for thought....I will buy the Mazda 6 over the Fusion due to the Fusion being built in Mexico......the 6 in Michigan...what gives? I hope Ford would bring the Falcon I have read about that car for a few years now. Also, the Mazda Drifter Truck seems cool, too. Any info on Volvos percentage of Nissan. That means Ford owns some of Nissan...hmmm, my dad works at Ford, will they eventually be in business with Ford again?
Built Ford Tough!!! Also, I live in Marysville, Ohio-Hondaville-I hate Hondas-they are a Japanese owned company that get no criticisim even if they deserve it, Helping Our Nation Destroy America.

Big Ford Fan said...

Mel, glad to have another Ford fan reading my page. That's a nice list of Ford products you've owned, and the Mazdas too.

I see your point about the Fusion/Mazda6, it's little known that the Mazda is UAW built and the Ford not. I've driven both and like them both.

The Mazda Drifter is the same Ranger that I've talked about for months, if you check my archives. And I'll no doubt continue to rant and rave on my new blog MyFordDreams2.

Now as for Volvo buyint part of Nissan, there seems to be some misunderstanding on that. The Volvo that is buying into Nissan, is the Commercial Truck division, which Ford does not own. Ford has worked with Nissan on models around the world, including the Quest/Vilager Patrol/Maverick and others.

I feel the same about Honda, even though many members of my family have them. I just can't bring myself to sink that low.

Again, thanks for commenting, hopefully you'll check new posts at the continuation of MyFordDreams, MyFordDreams2