Monday, March 13, 2006

Video of Kabura at UK site WhatCar, need broadband for best viewing

I found this article through Google, it's a UK website that has a video post of the Kabura concept on the road. Interesting point, if I heard it correctly, they said the price in the UK was going to be near 40,000 Pounds, that's over $80,000 US. I'm hoping I heard that wrong.
With talk of the Kabura possibly coming to production, I only hope Ford can some how bring the Reflex to market. I like both of them, but really love the Reflex. I'd like the Reflex to come to market in the low to mid $20k range.

I don't know how much the Brits pay for an RX8, but can't imagine that $80,000 would be reasonable for the Kabura. Can anyone from the UK tell me what they think?


ericgp said...

Keep in mind that £40,000.00 might translate to something along the lines of $75,000.00, it doesn't mean that it would be sold here (if it were to) at that price. Simple short example:

Fast Food (which i'm proud to say I don't eat): In the US, a Cheeseburger might cost $0.99 at a Burger King, as opposed to £0.99 in England.

See my point, yes, that's roughly $1.80 to the visiting American, but in comparison to the market in which the item is being sold, it is still the same percentage of ones average salary.

Hence, if said vehicle was to be sold in the US, you might see it at $40,000 dollars, etc..

I know, it sounds like they're making a killing in some markets and not in others, but that's primarily from a US perspective (though the disparity between the pound sterling and the euro is still pretty large).

Automakers are having this issue between different neighbouring countries. (e.g. people buying a Ford in the the Nederlands rather than Germany where they live because it ends up being thousands upon thousands of Euro cheaper). This was more pronounced when there wasn't a widely accepted unified currency though. The main reason now is mostly VAT based.


Anonymous said...

Sounded like 14,000 pounds to me.

Big Ford Fan said...

Eric, thanks for the input. I had done a comparision of European Ford prices, so should have thought of this myself.