Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why did Ford drop off the Consumer's Reports top 10 list?

For years, as long as I can remember the one auto review you could always trust to be unbiased has always been the Consumer Reports. Their reputation is bulletproof, because they take no advertising from manufacturers. The cars they test are bought from regular dealers and not prepped by manufaturers. Some criticise them as not being Automobile Guys, and they're not. The magazine is best known for testing appliances and electronics. But they report on everything from Tylenol to Thunderbirds, and they do it from strictly objective testing. And for years you could always count on at least one Domestic Auto to be on their list, well most years anyway. But this year not one, Honda has 5 of the 10 spots and the remaining 5 are all foreign as well.
The Civic knocked the Ford Focus off the list this year. With it's total redesign, and sharp styling, you can't knock Honda, they tried and won. But how could Consumer Reports overlook the new Focus?
I mean it's a world class car, that's been totally redesigned and recognized for styling and quality. How could Consumers Reports overlook this sterling example ???
OH THAT'S RIGHT, WE DON'T GET THAT FOCUS!! WE GET THIS STEAMING PILE OF CRAP! Why can you buy the new Focus everywhere but Canada, The United States and Mexico? Ford says it's because of cost. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!
Ford builds and sells the new C1 Focus in China, Russia and everywhere else. It's a better car than we get, and the underpinnings of the new Mazda3, that you can buy here, for the same price as a Focus.

Now they picked the Accord and it's a good car, but I'm hoping that maybe next year we'll see the Fusion/Milan in that slot. I've driven the Fusion and the Mazda6 that it's based on, and they're find cars, both have good handling and power (I drove the 4 cyl) for their class. I've driven Accords, both old and new, and they're dull. But obviously they are better than the Fusion in Consumer Reports' tests.

I know I'm biased, but the Focus (C1 Euro version) could really have beaten the pants off the Civic, really.


Shawn said...

Don't you just love the fact that they picked the Ridgeline...

Okay, so here's the argument...most people who buy trucks do not use the "truck" part very often.

So does that apply to sports cars? After all, most people don't drive past 100 mph, so technically, does that mean they will pick the Fusion over the Ferarri...since Fusion has a trunk, a second row of seating, 2 more doors, and it get better mpg!

Wasn't it CR that reported the Prius doesn't get anywhere near the claimed mpg?

I'm sick of these auto mags. I agree on some of their choices...but it is the other choices they made that really showed their biase.

Anonymous said...

Nice publicity in BeNeLux ( Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg ) for the new Ford Focus ... I have visited 3 Ford dealers in Belgium and was glad to hear they all sold 2 Ford Ranger pick-ups ;)