Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jeremy Clarkson is not happy with his photo printer or the new Volvo C70

Jeremy Clarkson drives the new Volvo C70 (Focus Cabrio) and is disappointed. Not that you would know if you read the first page of his review, which deals with his odessy through the world of Photo Printers. He praises the styling and the stereo, but says the steering is awful, and he was afraid to really dig into the 220 hp.

I'm interested in what other reviews will say about the C70. Clarkson is not a review I would read if I was shopping for a car, but he is very entertaining. And he's one of the reasons we in the US love Top Gear. Word online is that the Discovery Channel is bringing an American cast to recreate Top Gear in an American version. But without that thoroughly British attitude, I'm not sure it will succeed. Clarkson is one of those people who can say anything and not many get offended. Well maybe they get offended, but who cares, he's entertaining.

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