Saturday, March 18, 2006

Whatt the Heck? Ford needs to put incentives on Escape Hybrids ?

Now this makes no sense to me and looks like a black eye for Ford. It seems that in select markets Ford is offering incentives of $1,000 on Escape Hybrids. How can this be? The 2 markets are California and Washington DC. Ford has the Escape and Mariner twins as Hybrids, but if they really want to make a substantial impact, they need to roll out their Fusion/Milan versions ASAP!


Dotty Gale said...

Toyota got a big head start, Ford is just trying to catch up.

Shawn said...

It won't make any difference. People who buy hybrids are the same group that would never buy domestic. There is no market for domestic hybrids.

Anonymous said...

read this...

It seems Ford is not the only one... It seems Hybrid buyers are finally showingtheir colors: Small and / or Unique..not big and anonymous..

The Highlander and RX and Accord hybrid sales are going down..

I see another nail in GM's coffin with htier bet on the full size SUV hybrids and these developments.