Monday, March 13, 2006

Ford Ranger Sever Off Road Vehicle package for the world, but not US

I had seen comments from several readers about a Ranger SORV or Severe Off Road Vehicle model and assumed that they meant the new Ranger that was introduced in Thailand recently. I then came across this article about the SORV Ranger in Indoniesia. It seems to be just a package on the current Ranger. I remember seeing a similar option on the UK Ranger a few months ago. It's a neat package, better shocks and some skid plates, as well as a new intake snorkelt and prefilter. In the US, you can bye these pieces from aftermarket companies, and I wouldn't expect to see any manufacturer to release a factory package like this any time soon. There's one simple reason, the American propensity for litigation.

Think about it, some idiot buys a truck from the factory with a snorkel, drives into a situation beyond his ability as a driver and a lawsuit is the result. It's a neat idea though, and if a Diesel Crew Cab Ranger were availalbe here in the US, I would consider some of these upgrades for myself.


Shawn said...

What's the difference between that and sports cars? Remember the guy that crashed his Enzo?

Actually I didn't know the SORV had been around for awhile in SE Asia, so that's cool. I thought it is a new vehicle based on the new Ranger.

the garage guy said...

It's funny, a variety of Nissan products in Oz are available with a snorkel, ARB bumper & a winch from the factory. we never get the fun stuff. damn lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Could someone point out a webpage showing pictures of the (Rest of World) Ford Ranger accessoires ?
Thx in advance,

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, good point, not much of a differnece. Do you recall thee cases against Porsche and Pontiac? Porsche was sued by the wife of a passneger killed when the drunk driver of a Porsche 911, flipped the car, and the lawyers won their jury trial. Pontiac was sued when a man trying to imitate a stunt from Smokey and the Bandit was paralyzed when his Trans Am flipped.

We in the US are a litigious group, that's why insurance rates and prices of everything from Bagels to Bentleys have built into the price, their companies insurance costs.

Gary, you can buy all of this gear through aftermarket suppliers. Just think of some idiot trying to drive into a river and his lawyer winning a huge settlement from the truck's manufacturer.

Phil I'll see what I can find, but try doing a web search on or
that should get you their local results.

Tex said...

We seem to be the last to get the really nice mods. Recently, in Monterrey, I saw several true 4-door Rangers. Not the supercab with suicide doors, but a true crewcab. Liked them so much, I am going to look into importing them to the US.