Monday, March 06, 2006

Ford EX Concept, with 375 hp from a 4.0L SOHC V6?

From the 2001 NAIAS in Detroit, the Ford EX concpet. Little more than a souped up dune buggy. I never pay attention to concepts like this, since they have no chance at production, and ussually have little that can translate into a production model. Or at least that's what I always told myself. Now that I've been taking another look at past concepts like the Faction, I'm seeing more potential than originally realized.
Now that may not be the case here, but there is something I like none the less. This Ford 4.0 SOHC V6 makes 375 hp and 410 lb ft of torque. This is the same 4.0 from the Mustang and Ranger. Obviously overbuilt and supercharged with an intercooler. But cool even if it has a snowball's chance in hell of ever seeing production, engine or buggy.

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