Saturday, March 04, 2006

Top Gear video over at AutoProphet, Clarkson driving Ford GT

The AutoProphet has a video clip of Jerremy Clarkson of Top Gear, testing the Ford GT supercar. It's very cool, so if you have a highspeed broadband connection, go over and watch it.
Clarkson absolutely gushes over the car, and mentions his anticipation for his GT's delivery. So obviously the clip predates his well known problems after delivery and the eventual return of the car to Ford. But I've never heard any bashing from Clarkson of Ford or the GT. Does anyone know if he received a replacement GT or if he's said anything publicly about his experience?


jwfisher said...

Sent it back and it's gone for good.

Take a look at Gan-san's test for a more realistic view of it.

Big Ford Fan said...

Jeff any more details than that? And who is Gan-san ? I'm not as interested in a review of the car, since it's done for, I'm more interested in the Clarkson story. What happened, what has he said publicly??

ukexpat said...

I read in the Times online that Ford offered to pay for a replacement alarm system (one of the problems was tha the alarm kept going off for no reason) and that Clarkson was thinking about it and asking readers to comment:,,12389-1682915,00.html