Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ford Focus C-Max 4x4? over at Jalopnik

Europe seems to be the land of mini vans, although they avoid that label, preferring MPV or People Mover. And Ford seems to have a full spread for the market. Here is the Ford Focus C-Max. I've already posted photos this week of the Galaxy and S-Max, so you can see the family resemblance among them. Based on the C1 Euro Focus platform, this is a neat little package. And Jalopnik points to spyphotos of a possible 4x4 version.
If you want a Focus C-Max in the United States, buy a Mazda5, they're both C1 based. I believe the Focus version came first, as I know the C-max has been out for a few years.
Again with a glass roof. Ford can't seem to deliver a decent mini van in the US, but boy they've got some nice options in Europe.
This is the Fusion MPV, based on Fiesta mechanicals. So this would be the smallest, then the C-Max, S-Max and finally the Galaxy. These are their car based MPVs.
And this Ford EcoSport is a 4x4 version of the UK Fusion, sold in Latin America and possibly headed to the US.
And if the Galaxy is too small how about the Toureno ? This I believe is based on the Transit commercial van from Ford's European line.
No glass roof or sporty styling, I'm not sure if this is still offered.

But it's interesting that Ford can make not 1 but 4 interesting MPV/Mini Vans in Europe and we got the FreeStar??????

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