Monday, March 06, 2006

Ford B-Segment possibilities

The Fiesta has been on the market in Europe and most of the world for 30 years now. And this little car, could be one of the best investments Ford ever made. It's first truely successful front wheel drive car, and the first "world car" being exported to all markets including the US in the mid 70's.
Fiesta mechanicals are found under diverse models world wide. Like the Ka in Europe.
The Sporty Puma, which had it's own racing series in Europe.
The Ikon, which is sold in Asia and Latin American markets.
The Bantam/Courier panel vans and small pickups.
The EcoSport mini SUV sold in Latin America. And the Fiesta mechanicals have so much more to give. This platform could be the base for some very interesting models from Ford.
How about the Faction? An easy competitor for the Dodge Hornet. Chrysler is shopping for a partner to produce the Hornet. Ford doesn't need one, they have a ready chassis and facilities already tooled for it. All they need are body stampings.
The Fiesta based EcoSport and it's Duratorq powertrain are under the Bronco concept and possible production model.
And what better chassis to utilize to bring the Reflex to market? It would be like a new Puma.

I think the Fiesta chassis could be a huge hit for Ford, including in the US, where multiple models could be built on this chassis and powerplants. Everything from a base economy car, to a sports car and an off road model. All from such humble beginings.


Anonymous said...

the bronco needs to be a true off the vein of the should be a competitor to the wrangler, and toyota fj


Big Ford Fan said...

BF, true off roader? I think you have to be careful when you say that. How many Wranglers actually see true off road use? And of the new FJ Cruisers, how many will see trail service. Hell, how many Hummer owners get their trucks dirty?

How many people with "Off road" vehicles actually use that capability? Fourwheel drive with decent ground clearance is enough of a start. "Soft Roaders" sell better. Ford needs to compete with Rav4, Tuscon and others, that's where the money is.

Anonymous said...

Ford has enough soft roaders: Edge, Explorer, Freestyle, Escape. Ford should make a true off road.

Myself , I don't own trucks. But would love to see them build The Bronco concept style with decent Off/On road handling, 2.5 4cyl , and Under 20 grand , yes I know they say 10,000 target but give me that look and decent drivability and gas milage and I would buy it tommorrow.


Big Ford Fan said...

BobZoom, what you say has merrit, but the reality is that if the Bronco is built, it's going to be on the Fiesta/EcoSport chassis, so a 2.5L is out. If it gets built it's going to be a soft roader, hopefully with some off road capability. But Ford is looking for sales, and don't need a Wrangler fighter. They need a Scion fighter.

Igor said...

good points BFF... but an option of 4x4 with low gear lock...
I know it is wishful thinking ...
^^An excelent discussion of the Bronco possibilities.. BTW P-51 is former Ford engineer. and Focaljet-1 ... well he talks directly to many people high up in Ford NA... my name is Igor2 there.


Big Ford Fan said...

Igor, thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check out the FoculJet Forum.