Friday, January 27, 2006

You drive what you build or you park across the street!

A Plant Manager at the Ford River Rouge plant has decided that if you work there and drive a non Ford (or partner) vehicle, you can park in the company lot across the street and walk across to your job. The article linked above says that this is only at that one Ford plant and not a company directive, but that Ford Corporate supports the decision, as does the UAW.
The Rouge was the largest facility of it's kind anywhere in the world, built in the 20's and still in operation today.
They build Ford F-150 trucks there.
And if you work here, you should drive a Ford (or partner vehicle)
Hell, this seems like a no brainer to me. And actually I remember reading an article about a similar policy at a Chrysler plant last summer. What's the hardship here??
One Ford worker and UAW member who didn't want to be identified, said he drives a Chrysler vehicle, because he gets a better deal on them. I don't buy that excuse and can't understand the rational of this type of worker. Especially now, with plant closings on the horizon, how could any Employee, especially a UAW member not support the company they work for and in turn their own job. And to the ones who say "they can't tell me what to drive!" You're right, they can't tell you what to drive, it's a free country, but they can tell you that you don't work there anymore.

I think part of the criteria for laying off union workers should be what they drive, not just seniority. If you don't have the enlightened self interest to support your own company and union, you don't deserve the job, simple as that. If you want to drive a Toyota or Honda, go work there.

I've often harrased employees of mine that drive Japanese trucks, because we are a Union shop. How dare they drive a vehicle that is not Union built? It's like a Butcher who doesn't eat meat or a producer who doesn't watch TV, because he feels it's trash. If you don't support your industry, and in the case of UAW workers your Union, then don't work there.

In this case, all they have to do is walk across the street. If it was up to me, they could keep on walking.


Shawn said...

They should begin all the layoffs starting with anyone that doesn't drive a Ford vehicle.

Dotty Gale said...

I saw this somewhere,

"Ford announced that it is cutting 30,000 jobs beginning with Job One."

A little gallows humor but I agree, people who work at Ford should drive Ford. I'm not too annoyed with the Ford employee who drives Chrysler since that's also UAW but there's no excuse for driving a Honda to the Ford plant.

In the securities industry you can't have an account with Schwab and still work at Merril. OK, you can but the paperwork sucks.

NLPRacing said...

If you worked for Ford, why wouldn't you drive a Ford? They get special pricing and a good parking spot. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, I agree in principle, but know that it could never happen. Although I read recently that in the 20's Henry Ford saw one of his employees walk out to the plant parking lot and get into a competitor's car, and then told someone to fire him.

Dotty Gale, your analogy is great. It's like working for the Red Sox and wearing a Yankees cap to the office. Not a smart move.

Art of NLP, what you say smacks of common sense. The one employee who is quoted as buying a Chrysler product because he got the most "Bang for the buck" should be handed his head on a platter. With Employee discounts and prefferential financing rates, there is no valid reason to do what he did. If he doesn't like what his company makes, that's tough, get a new job.

What kills me, is when I see any Union man driving a non union made vehicle with a bumper sticker saying "Proud to be Union." I guess he's proud, but not too bright.

It's called enlightented self interest or self preservation. And if I were the UAW I would hammer the point home. If they had a job action, it would be tough to sympathize with them, considering what is known, especially if they drive a Honda or Toyota to the picket line.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sales rep for a new york based company, and we can tell when our competitor's employee's buy from us that the company is usually on it's way out. It only makes sense that if you don't buy your own products. there must be something wrong with them.

I also agree with the Idea of rewarding loyal employees.