Friday, January 13, 2006

Stephen sees the world past a bug splashed windshield, in a new blog

Stephen is a co-conspirator of Dorri's over at If It's Got an Engine and has taken the plunge into the blogsphere. Good luck to Stephen, he's just getting started, but will surely become a daily read for me. Stephen's passion seems to be for Opels GM's German marque, imported through Buick dealers in the 60's and 70's. Look forward to tales of scraped knuckles, searches for hard to get parts and road trips from coast to coast.


Stephen V. said...

Wow Joe, thanks for the vote of confidence. (Funny you should choose that particular Opel picture, too, as there aren't but a handfull of that model in the US and I actually do own one of them.) Hopefully I can keep something on my blog worth reading.

Big Ford Fan said...

Stephen, I'm looking forward to checking on your blog and enjoying it. As for the picture, I did a Google image search and that was one of the few available images.

There was one with a big block sticking out of the hood, but figured this one was more representative.