Friday, January 13, 2006

Jalopnik points to article on Reflex possibly being new Puma in Europe!

Above is the Ford Puma, below the new Ford Reflex concept.

I read over at Jalopnik, that UK magazine is speculating that the new Ford Reflex concept could be pointing to the styling of the new Fiesta based sporty coupe for Europe, the Puma! The Fiesta is due for a redesign in 2008. Now I know it's front wheel drive, but you know what? I still want one.

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a Ford Fan said...

Ford is very late to this segment already and they want me to wait another two more years or longer??? It's already been NINE YEARS since the last Aspire/Festiva. Bring that Puma or Fiesta over NOW. Or maybe I should just buy a Kia, Honda, Toyoya, Nissan, etc. instead of waiting for something that may never come like the Fusion concept that was supposed to be sold here a couple years ago.