Friday, January 20, 2006

Fiesta time?

Is it time for Ford to reintroduce the Fiesta to the US markte? Hell yes! Originally imported to the US in the late 70's and departing shortly before the arrival of the Escort was introduced, the Sub-Compact Fiesta remained in production overseas and is still sold worldwide, with the exception of the US and Canada.

The Fiesta is available with both Petrol (Gas) and Diesel engines in Europe and acheives 40 mpg or getter fuel economy. Available as either a 3 or 5 door hatch in Europe, it's also sold as a 4 door sedan in other markets (including Mexico) and it's chassis underpins the European Fusion MPV/Wagon and Courier/Bantam light trucks (pickup and panel van.) The Ford EcoSport from Mexico/Latin America is a mini SUV available with all wheel drive, based on Fiesta mechanicals. Some other vehicles based on the same dependable Fiesta platform are the Puma sport coupe (97-03) and the Ka 3 door and Cabrio as well as the Ikon 4 door sedan sold in some markets.

Future plans call for a redesigned Fiesta platform, with development of common chassis elements to be shared with Fiat. So this successful platform has paid off well for Ford on a global scheme, and with new Sub-Compacts due in the US from Honda, Nissan, Toyota and possibly VW (Polo) and various Chinese brands, not to mention Chevy's Aveo ( a rebadged Daewoo) it seems time for Ford to bring this platform here.

Rumors are that a Fiesta and possibly the EcoSport may come to the US by 2009. I'm hoping that's soon enough to catch a piece of this market, and that Ford doesn't just bring the base models, but recognizes that a version of the Euro Fiesta ST could be very competative in the future. I'd buy one with the 150 hp manual and either rollback soft sunroof or a more useful moonroof.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a car like this. great 2nd car. I just read that Daimlerchrysler was in talks with VW for a platform share to replace the Marcedes a class and possibly slot below the Caliber at Dodge. Ford is jsut catching up , as you have stated chevy has the Daewoo and now Chrysler bringing a european compact here. Ford needs this at the least.


Anonymous said...

I think the size of the fiesta is ok.the pics I have seen of it next to euro focus, It is smaller.But it just looks TOO much like the focus.In 1999 that may have been ok but I think the focus shape is stale in 2006.Dont get me wrong! I dont dislike the styling,Its just does not engage me enough to buy it. I am a loyal ford owner.