Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reflex obsession

I've been obsessing over the Reflex, ever since I first saw it online. I love the styling and proportions of this car. It has such potential. Now the concept car for the show, has a 1.4 Diesel Hybrid powertrain driving the front wheels, and an electric motor driving the rear, with solar panels in the roof to help rehcarge the batteries. Other unique characteristics are the scissor doors and third seat. Now honestly I don't think many of these features will or should come to market.
I'd like to see this car come to market with the styling changed as little as possible. But loose the scissor doors and solar panels. Give me conventional doors and a moonroof instead. Loose the third seat, give me storage bins in it's place. A Hybrid powerplant, is not needed, in a car that with the right petrol or diesel engine could achieve 40 mpg or better and have decent performance. All wheel drive is not needed either. Give me a 1.5 gas or 1.6 Diesel engine driving the front wheels through a manual transmission. Rear wheel drive would be great, but the availalbe front wheel drive platform exists now, and that's when I want this car, NOW.
Give me a usable hatch, not a useless trunk, and keep those lines intact. This is a car that Ford could build on the European Fiesta platform quickly if they wanted. If they want to "drive American inovation," drive it with this. Prove to the world that Ford can come out with a small sporty economical car without having to wait 5 years.

I want mine in LeMans Blue, with white stripes up and over and down low on the rocker panels. I'd like a nice leather interior in black with A/C, moonroof and a decent stereo. It should handle well, be comfortable and get at least 35 mpg. With that big grille, put a turbo and intercooler in there with direct injection for more power too. I know that's asking for a great deal, but here's my last requirement, give it to me for under $25k, make the turbo optional if you have to, in order to get me that price.

Am I crazy? Or does this seem like a reasonable expectation?


Mike said...

I agree, do it now. It would be a sweet car, and a good sign that Ford is serious about "new directions". Something tells me it's not gonna happen though.

Stacey Wilson said...

that Reflex concept is sweet.

Anonymous said...

what about some sort of version of the miata platform, wouldn't that work, then it could be rear wheel drive,and it would handle really really well (d'oh)


Anonymous said...

Do it soon, but keep the hybrid and the back seat. Some of us have kids. Plus, sixty-five MPG is what the entire new car fleet should average by 2016. The technology is there; the political will is not. Plus, why not get free energy form the sun? It's much more interesting than another (yawn) moonroof