Monday, January 09, 2006

Ford Super Chief Concept truck on AutoBlog

AutoBlog has extensive coverage of the Detroit Auto Show, and I'm not going to comment on it all, but select models that catch my eye. Like this Ford Truck Super Chief Concept with it's Supercharged multiple fuel V-10. Multiple fuels being, Gas/E85/Hydrogen. Now some may think that the Hydrogen part is far fetched, but they would be wrong. Take a look at the shuttle bus below, it is powered by the same supercharged V-10 and powered by Hydrogen. So Ford would be ready if the infrastructure ever exists with more than just a concept, but a tried and true powertrain for heavy duty applications. And of course this could all eventually trickle down to large cars and light trucks. Imagine a Supercharge V-8 Hydrogen powered Mustang, it's possible, the V-10 shares many characteristics with the V-8s.

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