Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lincoln to use alpha-numeric names on new models?

AutoBlog and others have articles stating that Lincoln will start using alpha-numeric names for future models. For example the new Aviator Crossover will now be called the MKX. This is an attempt to mimic the Acura and Mercedes models. MKX vs MDX for crossovers.

Now this is just stupid. Lincoln should not look to copy others so blatantly. Naming schemes at FoMoCo have just gotten lamer over the years, with Ford going to F for cars and E for SUVs, and Mercury going for M names. Lincoln going to L names would have been retarded, but this is just as bad. I liked the Aviaotr/Navigator names. Town Car is a name that evokes the days of Lincoln's glory. And of course Continental is the gem in Lincoln's crown.

This is a dumb trend. But Ford seems to be driving Lincoln to the junk heap anyway.


NLPRacing said...

I'd hate to judge it too fast, but it's nice to know that they are willing to try something different. I don't think the names have been the trouble as much as the product. But, if they keep coming out with things like the Zephyr, Aviator/MKX & that new concept that should go into production soon, I won't care what they call them, as long as they are good.

Big Ford Fan said...

You have a point about the product, but the new naming scheme for Lincoln is just not a good idea.

Especially naming the Aviator the MKX. One other blog pointed to it confusing people into thinking that this is the new Mark X (10).
What will the Navigator be called? What about the Town Car?

The old saying "What's in a name?" doesn't apply to cars. A name can make or break a car. Mimicing foreign brands names isn't the way to sell new models, building better product is.