Friday, January 06, 2006

New Mazda Kabura sport coupe concept at Jalopnik

This sketch is of a new Mazda coupe concept set to be unveiled in Detroit. Go on over to Jalopnik for more info and a link to their source. I wonder if this will be the new RX7/8 ? What I'd love to see is a rear wheel drive coupe like this, with the 2.3 from the Mazdaspeed 6. Can you see it? Nice looking sketch, can't wait to see photos.


Anonymous said...

If it is Miata (MX5) based then the 2.3 MRZ engine with light weight rear wheel drive and 6spd manual, bring on the g35 coupe and the 350z.

If it is the up coming RX7 , they had better step up the power on the renesis , I have read that 330 hp is planned , but would like to see much more and better low end tourqe. maybe it's time to put forced air into it,supercharger with apx 380-420 hp. that would be nice.

What ever it is , It's great to see Mazda turn around it's image. More and more being compared with european brands and designs that are unique and fun.


Anonymous said...

It's obviosly not a sketch. Look at the side view mirrors. They are right off the RX-8. It a photoshop!

carscomblogger said...

hey man. I'm here in detroit. if you want to use any of our live images that run on the site from today let me know. we have all the specs up. 475 shleby cobra. man.