Thursday, January 26, 2006

Head on over to Jalopnik to vote on which is the best American V8

Over at Jalopnik their running a poll on which is the "greatest American V-8." Two of the contenders are, The original Ford Flathead V-8 (1932-1953) and the Windsor V-8 that powered Ford cars (including Mustang) and trucks for over 30 years.
Now I wouldn't want to influence anyone's vote, but let's remember who produced the first widely available V-8. Hell Chevrolet didn't even offer a V-8 at all until 1955, the first Corvete had an inline 6. And while Chrysler's Hemi was an impressive motor for racing, Ford's Windsor family of engines 221-400 cu in, was far more prolific and sucessful in all types of racing right up to today.

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