Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ford slipping to 3rd place behind Chrysler/Jeep ?

Bob of CarsCarsCars! and 4DriversOnly fame, wrote a piece the other day, saying that Chrysler/Jeep was getting ready to overtake Ford for the second place in the "Big Three."

Funny how these things work, Ford who at one time had 75% of the market share (in the 1903-1925 period) has been doing everything to maintain it's current 17% (?) and it's coveted 2nd place spot. In Magee's book FORD TOUGH he mentions that in 2001 Ford was poised to overtake GM for 1st place with nearly 25% of the market.

As a Ford fanatic, I'm not overly concerned about this issue, knowing that Ford has had it's ups and downs in the past and can and will come out of this tough time a stronger more profitable and hopefully more interesting company with better product. From everything I've read in Magee's book and in magazine articles over the last few years, it looks like Bill Ford may be the man to carry the company through it.

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