Monday, January 09, 2006

Now you could just put this off to a Ford guy bashing Chevy, but..

Now I know you could just say that I'm a Ford guy pissing all over Chevy, but that's not all it is. The new Mustang is absolutely beautiful and I even think Chrysler nailed it with the new Challenger. The original sketches I saw of the Camaro concept were not bad, but his concept in the flesh in Detroit defines "But Ugly." I hate that rear and am not crazy about the overdone rear fender flares. The rest of it isn't too ugly, but so close to the Challenger that it seems derivitive. Go on over to Jalopnik and check the photos, see for yourself and let me know if you think it's just sour grapes on my part. It doesn't help that the concept is that silver, never a favorite of mine.


Shawn said...

It is pretty darn bad...however, if they wash down the design a little, smooth out the rough edges, I think it will look okay.

I actually pulling for GM...You know, the good o' days of Ford vs. Chevy. I don't want the "other" American company to be a German bastard.

Dotty Gale said...

I have to agree, when I saw it, I thought CNN posted a picture of the Challenger in error. Turns out the error is with GM. GM's design-by-very-large-committee-of-accountants isn't going to generate volumous car sales.

Maybe this is another case of what's important is all under the hood, like the GTO. But again, kids can't afford it and the middle aged single guys with credit ratings are going to buy ( if any Chevy at all ) a Corvette.