Monday, January 09, 2006

Mike points to one I missed the GR1

Mike commented on my post about the Reflex and the styling cues common to several new Ford and Partner cars, that I missed one obviuos influecne. The Ford Shelby GR1 concept. This supercar was developed around the same time as the GT and you can clearly see Mike is correct.
The proportions are different, but there are common themes among this car and the others.
If you squashed this a little, you'd swear that this could be the Reflex's dad or big brother.
And the common scisor door theme too.
And the narrow rear end looks similar. Hell that window looks just like the reflex.

Now this is the only way you'll own one. This is the only way I get to own a lot of my favorite cars. I know, how sad a 40 year old man that collects Hot Wheels.

But Mike was right, you can clearly see a commonality of design among all of these cars. And I for one think it's a great look for all of them. I'd love to see something the size of the Reflex as a new Ford Capri. Who knows, in Europe you could in a few years that is.


Mike said...

Heh, Glad I play a little part in this great blog!

Big Ford Fan said...

I try and do my best, but it's always great to get help from readers like you. Nobody's perfect, and I look at situations like this, as like having my own editorial staff correcting my errors.