Monday, January 30, 2006

Clarify wishes for "non-anonymous" posting and new links

I have a couple of new links, that I will be adding to the sidebar and wanted to explain how I find links (or they find me) and what criteria I use to determine if I add them. Like many of you I surf the net ( does anybody still use that term?) and find interesting pages. Sometimes I'll use Google, others I will check the links on sites that I've found and sometimes links find me. Such is the case with 2 new links;
  • Tapscottbehindthewheel
  • and
    * Link removed after review

    Now it's not necessary for the site to be exclusively Ford (although that would be great) it just has to be Auto related and interesting. So if you know of a site, or even better you have one yourself, that you think would be an appropriate link for my page, let me know.

    Hi, just a quick not on my wishes that people not post "Anonymous" comments. I'm not suggesting or requiring that you register with Blogger. I can understand that people may see that as an inconvenience. All I'm asking is that when typing your comments into the box, you end with an "Idnetifier" such as initials or a nickname. The reason is simple, I like to responsd to comments, and it's easier to direct my response to comments with some sort of identifier. It can be the URL for your webpage or anything you want. Just as long as I can direct responses to you.


    the garage guy said...

    Hey Joe,

    I've been reading through your blog & I like your original content. I've put a link to you on The Garage ( and I was hoping that you might return the fave.


    gary grant
    the garage guy

    Big Ford Fan said...

    Gary, I'm sorry that I still haven't gotten to adding your link, will do it Tuesday. I've been scatter brained today.

    Not clear which page you wanted me to link to, so I'll check all three in the morning and link to the one that's most appropriate