Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So let me get this straight, Ford customers in Europe want dynamic design and in the US and Canda we don't?

Over at AutoBlog they have a great article about Ford designers discussing the future of Ford vehicles. And one thing bothers me, for Europe, they say that customers desire a dynamic designs, cars that look like they're moving even when standing still. Like the Iosis concept seen above. But what do they have to say about the US and Canada? Not much that's what.

So expect to see some sharp new exciting designs for Europe and the same old crap for the US. Is there any wonder why Ford is loosing market share? The old saying "I don't know if it will sell in Peoria" Doesn't apply in the 21st century, people in the heartland of America would accept the "Dynamic/ Kinetic" designs if Ford took the risk. Wasn't the origianl Taurus a risk? Didn't middle America guy it up like hot cakes?

Ford give us simple Americans some credit, and then give us something like the Iosis. The same old crap won't sell forever.


J G Halmayr said...

When the chips were down back in the early 80's, Ford fired back with better quality and dynamic design. The '83 T-bird, '84 Tempo, and '86 Taurus looked radically different from their competition, and were all sales successes. Ford used to be the design leader among the Big 3, now it's Chrysler. Ford needs to take that pos8ition back!

jwfisher said...



Big Ford Fan said...

James, exactly my point, the Taurus, T-Bird and Tempo were all the leaders of the aero look.

They brough Ford back from bad times. Now in Europe Ford is readying a new wave of "Kinetic" designs, much like the Iosis concept.

But are we Americans too simple to appreciate that or is Ford selling us short.

Jeff, yes innovation, but not style. Don't get me wrong, the push for more hybrids, more efficietn powertrains, new transmissions, this should all be done with new styling.