Thursday, December 15, 2005

Built Ford Tough????

You know if you're biggest selling model worldwide is a truck, you would assume that it would be a priority to get it right. Not always the case I guess. Ford is now facing troubles with their PowerStroke Diesel engines for their fullsize trucks. Add this to the "Piston Slap" and "Blowing Spark Plugs" in their gas engines, and where is a consumer to turn for a reliable full size truck??

Built Ford Tough, Quality is Job 1, these are just words it seems. I guess before they "drive American inovation," Ford should get the basics right.


NLPRacing said...

Again, mountains out of molehills. I have personally driven many of a Ford ,1997 and newer truck with 100,000 and more (a couple over 250,000) and only one has had a major problem. Otherwise, they've been real reliable and pretty cheap to operate. Maybe when Toyota is #1, they will get all the bad press like how their Prius only gets about 2/3 of it's rated gas mileage or how it's trucks & SUV's get horrible gas mileage and pollute more than Fords. Oh well...

Big Ford Fan said...

Again a good point, even my post may have been unfair to Ford. I think someone has to put this in perspective as to the sheer number of trucks involved. I'm sure it's like 1 in 10,000 trucks or less that's involved. But still Ford needs to address these issues.

It's not just the press though, it's the government and scumbag lawyers too.