Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Some blogs worth looking at. Will yours be next?

Recently several new blogs came to my attention, through comments on my posts I've discovered Eric, JD and Rev, who all have Blogger Auto related blogs of their own. Some others that aren't Blogger sites, are from Croak, NLP Racing Dori and Mike. A diverse group, all interesting and worth a look. I also want to renew the link to Bill Discher's research blog, his project is up for review this week and I wish him luck. One thing I've said many times is that the blogsphere is a real community, and the interaction among bloggers is important for all of us to grow and learn. One amazing thing that I hadn't mentioned on my blog was Dave Thomas' new project blog www.autobloggers.blogspot.com where several of us bloggers discuss issues related to autoblogging. Dave has really pulled this together and I'm encouraged by the interaction of the bloggers, many of whome are commenters here. Thanks Dave.

Some of these will end up on the left as permanent links in the future.

Eric; www.autoviews.blogspot.com
Now, Eric is an American with more of an international flavour (yes Eric, the U is for you)
He and I have some similar opinions, while our tactics are very different. We both would like to see some of the European designed cars sold here in the US. We also agree that Diesels should be a larger part of the US market. Eric has a background in racing and is well traveled. Check his blog out.

JD; http://autoerratic.com/blog/ JD writes about diverse subjects, but found it mostly automotive and all very interesting. Worth a read.

Rev: http://racersforcoffee.blogspot.com/ Now this one's different for sure, Sustainable Auto Culture. Talking about alternative energy and nostalgic drag racing all at the same time. A unique blog and one I'll keep my eye on.

Croak; http://www.bavarianfalcon.com/falconblog/ Now this one is primarilly about BMW, but is interesting and well done. Hey it can't always be about Ford, well here it is, but not everywhere.

Dori's blog, If it's got and Engine; http://www.ifitsgotanengine.com/

Mike; http://www.thatdudemike.net/ Now this one is also not pure auto blog, but variety is the spice of life. Mike has a great blog, I need to check it out completely before I link to it on the left.

NLP Racing; http://nlpracing.blogspot.com/ Now this fellow is a regular commentor here and has an interesting perspective. Working in the Automotive Industry supply side.

Bill; http://student-iat.ubalt.edu/classes/discher/ Bill's research blog on auto blogging.

If anyone out there has a blog, please let me know about it, or if you come across someone's blog that you like, let me know. I know several commentors that don't have active blogs, that I'd like to see create one. Shawn, Dotty Gale and Midnight Magnum are among the commentors that I think should blog. Blogging is free and easy, and fun. Don't just think about it, do it. If I can do it anyone can.

I strongly urge anyone who feels a real passion about automobiles to blog. Hit the link in the title and go to Blogger, start your own blog, it's easy and it's FREE!!
The Automakers, hire consulting firms to monitor blogs and forums to see what the public wants in future models. They want to know how you feel about where the industry should be going. You don't have to be a journalist, or work in the industry, I'm not.


NLPRacing said...

Thanks for the plug, now I'll have to update more often :)

Art (NLPRacing)

ericgp said...

Yes, thank you indeed for the plug, and as Art from NLPRacing stated (and i concur), I'll have to update more often as well. Also thank you to Cars! Cars! Cars! for the plug of this post on "My Ford Dreams".. Looks like Joe really knows how to make a viral post.

Eric (autoviews)

Dorri732 said...

Thanks, as well, for the plug.

More importantly, thanks for all the other cool links. Now I have even more sites to read to take away from posting time.


Big Ford Fan said...

Your all welcome. I've always believed whole heartedly that the automotive blog world is a community and we should be neighborly. Art and Dori are both participants over at AutoBloggers so they know. Eric you should follow the link over there and check it out.

And quite frankly, if I didn't like your blogs, I wouldn't point them out, so thanks to you, for writing interesting pieces.


Big Ford Fan said...

Viral post??? I have to admit to not being that internet literate. Is that a good thing or bad?

ericgp said...


By "Viral" I am merely referring to it spreading elsewhere on its own accord. This is a good thing when we're talking about good information, it's only bad if it is something malicious, which this isn't.
As for the Autobloggers site.. Just started reading it after seeing the listing for it.