Thursday, December 01, 2005

Will it even see the light of day, never mind be competative with Mustang?

Inside Line is reporting that the Camaro Concept may be built of the "Zeta light" architecture, the platform that has been green lighted and red lighted so many times it looks like a christmas disco show. Interesting bit I hadn't heard before, is that it may not be called Camaro, but Chevelle, because of an agreement with the Canadian city where the last Camaro/Firebird was built.

No matter what it's called, GM will screw it up. It will be an expensive low production number like the SSR and GTO.


Anonymous said...

Will probably happen just like you have said, but I kind of hope they get a Chevelle out. It would be alright if it were more expensive as long as it has more content. I Have always wanted a nice 1970 Chevelle SS 396 , and since Dodge came out with the Charger ( yes 4 doors ) and GM already has the GTO, Damn it why can't I have My Chevelle.

sorry what can I say didn't even realize how much I would love to see this car made real. as you know my first car was a 4 door 1970 chevelle.


Big Ford Fan said...

We the Blue Oval lovers forgive you, your insane love of any car not Ford. But you should work on this problem :)