Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Businessweek article on Lincoln

Now the guys over at Blue Oval News don't like this article, they think the author is being unfair. I was ready to chime in and say so myself, until I read the article. It's not unfair, it's true, and if the truth hurts that's not the author's fault, but FoMoCo's. Saying very much what I've been saying for months, that FoMoCo can't expect Lincoln to survive with rebadged Fords and no unique products. The author points to the Zephyr and the Fusion and the Mark LT and the Ford F-150. I'll point out an upcoming pair as well, the new Lincoln Aviator and Ford Edge. Lincoln has no unique product, and no clear luxury over their Ford platform mates.

Platform mates is being too kind, clones is the right word. You can get a nicely equiped Fusion SEL for thousands less than the Zephyr and not really notice much of a difference. Ford needs to revamp their Lincoln line, bring out some unique product like the Mark X roadster, and upgrade power and content to further differentiate Lincoln from Ford and Mercury.

The author mentions the Ford Granada and Lincoln Versailes from the 70's, I owned one of each and can tell you that as much as I loved my Versailes it was little more than a pimped out Granada. The same can be said about the Fusion/Zephyr and indeed the entire Lincoln range.

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