Friday, December 02, 2005

Are you man enough for a Ka?

I was reading Jalopnik tonight and found a post from earlier in the week, that I meant to comment on. Jalopnik busts on his friend's article on the Ford Ka. But I've read great reviews on the little car, and seen some favorable pieces on Top Gear and Fifth Gear.

The Ka only has 60 hp and is S M A L L !!, but it's very popular in Europe, get's 46 mpg and is dependable and according to reviews fun to drive. Reminds me of my Ford Festiva, not the coolest thing to be seen driving, but fun just the same.


Dotty Gale said...

The Ka is pure evil. If you stuff a nice power plant in there, you could get an excellent autocross car but stock...? I'd probably go for the Smart before the Ka but then again, I like Studebakers.

Big Ford Fan said...

go to the Ka Klub site, they've done some amazing engine swaps. Could you imagine one of these with 200 hp ?

NLPRacing said...

I would love to replace my Festiva with a Ka. I wish it were available here.

ericgp said...

Last time I was over in both London and Ireland I had the joy of seeing many of these driving about. I don't think they're "THAT" small.. And I'm 6'3". This for a moment back to the 60's when the MkI Mini Coopers were being sold for a family of four. I can fit in the back seat of one of those WITH my helmet on and still have room. The Ka is built more compact than the average American Mid-Size car (Read: Large Car by European standards) driver would find comfortable, but by no means is it the smallest. You just get used to not being 3 feet away from your passenger.

I actually recall seeing one of these ON American roads (Route 202 near King of Prussia, in Pennsylvania) about 5 years ago. Maybe it was here via a CarNet deal for a magazine or what not, but I can state without a doubt that it was a Ka. I was quite excited to see it, thinking about the possibility of it being sold here, though of course just as was with the Mondeo (Contour/Mystique), they'd want it bigger for the American market and it would start to lose its intended purpose and it's appeal (for me at least).


Big Ford Fan said...

Eric, thanks for your input, when I was in Ireland I saw them also. One other car that I saw and loved was the European Fusion MPV.

But the Ka is small by American standards, that's for sure. Actually it's small by Euro standards as well, it is in the smallest segment of cars offered in the UK.

But we may be getting the Fiesta here in the US. And hopefully, the unadulterated Euro version. The Fiesta is the base platform for the Ka, Fusion, Courier/Bantam and Puma.

The car you saw may have been a diplomat's car. Living in suburban NY, I'm used to seeing cars that aren't sold here, as Diplomats and their families can import the cars, without conern for US regs.
I've seen Vauxhaul and Opels as well as Peugeots at the local train station and around town.