Friday, December 02, 2005

Brand Loyalty high at Ford, but still hoping to grow.

Ford press release discussing Ford's high brand loyalty rating and discussing how the Fusion may improve it. Why a picture of a Crown Victoria? Just cause I like them. I know the Crown Vic isn't considered as cool as a Charger or 300C, but it's still one of my favorite Fords.


Shawn said...

It is really hard to explain the appeal of the Crow Vic...I like them too. Maybe it's the cop car thing...but my neighbor (old man) has a new silver crown vic...and it just looks classic.

I wish they update it though.

Anonymous said...

Book em Dano , guilty as charged. I always loved the way cars would part like the red sea.

Crown Vics still have a place in my heart, and yes Ford should update or replace with RWD Galaxie.

Midnight Magnum