Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm very happy for him, but insanely jealous at the same time!!

OK, I'm very happy for him, but at the same time insanely jealous. My brother called me not too long ago to let me know that he's expecting to pick up his new Mazdaspeed 6 next week.
I can't wait to see if he offers me the keys for a quick run around the block ( or across the state.)

When he gets it I'll try and get some decent photos and let you know if it's as cool as everything I've read.


Anonymous said...

Yes you can take it around the block , even around town. but I will be riding with you so you don't run for the border.

This has been a difficult decision, I am trading in one of the coolest cars made in the world , The Dodge Magnum RT . I am
Lucky that the finance Gods have seen their way to making this less painful. I am Trading the Dodge for one reason only, 13 MPG . This car is a beast and yet practical ( except for local driving)

It has all come down to dollars and cents. I could not afford to do this and would not do it , if it had not worked out financially, not going to disclose here on the web, but sufice to say , I am saving money in many ways by doing this swap. Again thanks to Higher powers , this a car that I feel , I am not giving up performaance and comfort , and am gaining MPG and othger financial benefits.

Besides , I realy missed the Manual transmission, ZOOM ZOOM

bobzoom formerly midnightmagnum

Big Ford Fan said...

You're a nice guy, trusting me to drive your new car, even if you will be riding shotgun.

I'm sure you won't regret this decision, as we discussed on the phone, you're not loosing much in performance (only 1 second 0-60) and getting so much more in return.

Good luck with the car, ZOOM ZOOM to your heart's content

Anonymous said...

1 second are you nuts, it;s .1 seconds slower 0-60. 3 more days. it's worse then waiting for christmas , because today is christmas.

Big Ford Fan said...

Ok for the record, yes I'm crazy, but that's not important right now.
Second, the 0-60 I read has the Mazdaspeed 6 at 6.2 seconds.
And lastly, I have no sympathy for you, because at least you're getting a new car. Where's mine??

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged by recent articles and Blogs that I have read that Give quotes of between 5.3 ( in my dreams ) and 5.8 seconds 0-60 , with most hovering around 5.5, So who knows maybe Mazda got thier act together. When I got The 2001 Miata , they gave back rebates because of the drop in advertised HP. This time they underestimated alot of things. origionally rated at 260 HP when rolled out in Paris auto show, now has SAE rated 274 HP.

The delay of the Car for the revision to the LSD and higher first 3 gear ratio's may have really made a big diffrence.


Anonymous said...

They got it right after all. Looks like under 6 seconds for 0-60 times. Motor Trend tested it at 5.8, while Car & Driver was able to get 5.4 . Stll not quite EVO or STi numbers but very respectable. also looks like the Understeer problems have been silenced with the LSD from the RX8.

After one week of owner ship and very little miles unable to give honest assesment of cat yet.But I still hum the Zoom Zoom song as I drive, I am in lust of this car. the interior is very inviting , the Black Cherry paint is beautiful, the two tone White & Black Leather makes it stand out.
Only gripe so far is that the Navigation System was better in the Dodge. I am already getting much better gas mileage (23 local driving hanging out in 3rd gear) .

what can I say Mazda has won me back, next up a Mazda 3 for the wife. although the Dodge Caliber RT is coming out ......I might just be a little Car Crazy.