Friday, December 09, 2005

One Bad Ass Mazda

Now this is cool, the Mazdaspeed 6, it looks fast sitting still. I know someone who's considering trading in one hell of a fast car for this (you know who you are) and the only thing I could find wrong with his choice, was the two tone black and white interior.

I'm looking forward to Dave Thomas' Video Q&A over at MPH. I'll have to check that out soon.
Power not far from an EVO or WRX STI, without the boy racer wing and paint job, a car even an old man like me could enjoy. And for just around $30k.

Is this going to be the new Fusion SVT? How could Ford not do this?

Update, Daves Video Q&A is up, click the link above.


Shawn said...

Very nice! Which cars are the main competitions? Subaru?

By the way Joe, I got pretty OT on the Ford vs. AFA topics. I apologize. Hopefully I didn't get too out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Test drove it on thursday, it is quick , but not the quickest. it feels more solid then other 6's I have driven, much more buttoned down.The manual , well it is a mazda , snik snik. the motor has good grunt from low revs 2500 and pulls strongley up to about 6000 ( salesman was a little nervous , so I never took it past 5500 ) with a redline of 6500.

Wild Cherry looks much nicer in person, much darker then online photos. The 6 spd has had me daydreaming eversince. It comes down to dollars and cents as usual , I have some advantages thou, this will be the 4th car drom the same dealer in 5 yrs, it is a slow december, and as much as I love the car it is not in the demand that the Mustang and Chrysler LX platforms.

the numbers game is already a foot, now it's about the trade in he is starting real low ( much lower then I expected) and we have the phone going back and forth. Lets cross our fingers. It wood be nice to be driving a Ford ( partner) vehicle again.

Midnight Magnum aka BobZoom

jwfisher said...

Ditto, I've been there too. It's a nice effort - but definitely not an STI or EVO. I understand the purpose is to be a more mature car... although the seats are the worst part of it (unacceptably so) and the brakes are tiny. And why can't Mazda offer an interior color besides all-black or the bizarre black-and-white?

Nonetheless, a good 1st-gen effort. Not up to Mitsubishi's 9th-gen masterpeice.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jeff, this is not upto the level of the EVO or STi , as you stated this is for more of a mature driver and more in the realm of subaru legacy GT or even the Acura TL . less rally car , more sunday afternoon fun and everyday drivability. The Evo and STi are street legal rally cars , the Mazdaspeed is more sensual . Hate to be an adman for Mazda , but it's that zoom-zoom feeling. The feeling of going faster then you are, of feeling like a better driver then you are , because the car is easy to drive and conect with. Confident and fun , and with the new DSC ,safe. I have owned 4 Mazda's , 2 rx7's 1 Miata and 1 Protege'5. Again , these were not the quickest or highest perfoming vehicles of thier contemporarys, but each has been very succesful in their markets.


Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, I'm not sure who the main competition is, it's not really the WRX STI or the EVO, they're a little more boy racer. And on the AFA, it wasn't your fault, you were provoked by an irregular reader who is now banned from posting here.

Bob,thanks for your real worl impressions. I do have to agree that Mazda shifter have always been among my favorites.

Jeff, I'd like to know if you can answer Shawn's question. Since the Mazdaspeed 6 is called more "mature" and refined than the Subaru and Mitsu, what would be a more competative model?