Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'll say it again, Ford can compete if they have the nerve

The AutoBlog post talks about Honda, Nissan and Toyota's plans to bring their super mini cars here in the very near future. It also mentions how GM is beating everyone to the punch with their Aveo, a rebadged Daewoo. And I'll say it again, Ford has the ability to not only compete, but cominate this class if they only try. The Fiesta, and a range of vehicles that are based on the same mechanicals, do better than many Japanese competitors. With a range of Gasoline and Diesel engines to cover every need, the Fiesta is very flexible. A 3 door and 5 door hatch are readilly available, and in certain markets there is a 4 door sedan.
This UK Ford Fusion, and it's Latin American brother the EcoSport mini suv are Fiesta based.
Fiestas are used in various forms of racing and compete well in the super mini hot hatch catagory of sales.
The little Ford Ka is Fiesta based.

The bottom line is this, if Ford wants to compete in this segment and fight off competition from the Chinese in the future, they need to work on getting the Fiesta and other smaller models here ASAP.

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