Friday, December 23, 2005

Dear Santa, I've been a really good boy this year, despite any rumors you may have heard

Ok Santa, maybe "Very Good" is a stretch, but I've been Good just the same.
So this is what I want for Christmas, a 2006 Mustang with the Pony package, just like this one.
I see that you're a car guy, so you can appreciate the situation.

To any and all readers (both of you) have a happy holiday seaon, Merry Christmas.
Posts will be unlikely over the holiday weekend. I'm planning on visiting family, and relaxing at home on the weekend, I hope all of you get the opportunity to do the same.


Racedriven said...

What a christmas wish, a 2006 Ford Mustang with the Pony package dressed with pure power and in black.

I got a christmas wish too, a career or job.

Oh yeah! two things,

1. I just moved my weblog from blogger to, you should check it out, including the hosting itself. After a couple of problems that were fixed, I am very happy with it.

You had said in a post or two, that you were upset with blogger, then consider the free signup and test the hosting out with a mirror site (everything you post here, you post there), just a suggestion...

2. Merry Christmas, See Yeah!

NLPRacing said...

Are you going to get that Pony? I can't wait for the SVT Sport Trac to come out, maybe next Christmas...

Ben K said...

I dunno if I've been good, but I'll have a 2006 Pony Package 'Stang in the Hertz colours, too, Santa.

And a MazdaSpeed6.

And a new MX-5.

And a Volvo V70R.

And a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo in that fluorescent yellow they come in.

And an RX-8 for the missus. In black.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joe.

Dorri732 said...

Looks like more than 2 readers, Joe.

Merry Christmas!

JD said...

No car from Santa for me this year... I must have succeeded in being a very BAD boy this year, but that was mostly by design for the coal since heating costs are so high this year.

A belated Happy Holidays to you.

Big Ford Fan said...

Racedriven, I've worked out my issues with Blogger and will stay for now, but have checked out your new page and like it, good luck with it. I'll keep that in mind if situations change with Blogger.

Good luck with the job search.

NLPRacing, I may place the order this winter for delivery in spring, depends on tax return and other funds. But 2006 could be the time I finally get it.

Ben K, I hope that Santa was good to you, and I want that XR6 too.

Dorri, yeah it looks like more than 2 readers ;)

JD, there's nothing wrong with being a Bad Boy, just as long as you have fun. Santa got me crap and I was good. So I'll have to bite the bullet and buy it myself.

Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

A little after CHristmas , but just one more day til I pick up My Mazdaspeed 6, as far as the Good or Bad , I plead the 5th.

the zoom zoom song is haunting me, I can't wait to be driving the 6spd again. After nearly 2 years with the Magnum I can't wait to be driving a manual tranny again. Snick-snick.

Bobzoom, Formerly Midnightmagnum

Big Ford Fan said...

So is it Snick Snick or Zoom Zoom?
Just teasing, can't wait for you to get your new ride. And as for Good or Bad, screw Santa, Fat Bastard, I don't see a new Mustang in my driveway, and I left booze out for him.