Friday, December 30, 2005

As Chrysler gets ready to fire another volley in the Horsepower War, Ford has us waiting for the 3.5 Duratec's mediocre 250 hp

I found this over at Jalopnik, and it dawned on me that it's an interesting time to be a car enthusiast. That is unless you're a Ford fanatic. The article on Jalopnik points to rumors that Chrysler is considering a "Hemi" V6 making 300 hp. Now that's F***ing great news if you're a Mopar fan, a V6 with 300 hp!!!!

But if you're a Ford fan, you have to make due with the 207/210/221 hp V6 engines and wait with baited breath for the new 3.5 Duratec V6 with 250 hp. 250 hp, are we supposed to get excited about that? Hell, even Honda has a 250 hp V6, as does Chrysler and most other manufacturers. Hyundai's V6 puts out over 260 hp and Nissan's 265-280 hp. So we wait for Ford to catch up while Chrysler considers a V6 with as much power as the Mustang's V8???

What's wrong here, are we idiots? Does Ford not have any respect for us? We are force fed the same old crap for years and all around us the industry moves forward in leaps and bounds, while Ford limps along. Yes the Ford GT is a powerhouse, and the Mustang is an awsome car despite it's horsepower rating, but what about your average Ford? I know it' not all about horsepower ratings, but it still bothers me to see Ford shoot for the middle of the pack on everything.

It's not always good enough to just survive, Ford can pay lip service to "Inovation" all they want. With styling that has become boring and power that is just adequate, there's not much to draw buyers into dealerships, excpet the "red tag" type sales everytime GM hicups.

Ford wake up, do something to shake things up here! Why is it that someone like myself who loves Ford, doesn't get excited in your showrooms anymore? If it wasn't for some of the models coming out of Mazda and even Volvo, I'd be bored to tears. The Fusion isn't enough, and viral marketing is fine for creating buzz among young people, but how many young people buy 4 door sedans?? A Fusion will never be a Scion, and Young people don't buy new cars, they can't afford it. Sell me a car, not the kids, give it some power and maybe a little bit of excitement. For Christ's sake, it's getting tough to be faithful to a company that doesn't even seem to be trying.


jwfisher said...

When is the management at Ford going to wake up and say "IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO?"
- Low HP
- Low-tech suspensions
- No rounded performance cars from SVT
- No world-class rear-wheel drive performance chassis
- No Innovation

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ford is slow, but they are catching up. The 3.5L V6 will probably be more than 250HP in som variants, also I expect a higher displacement version (3.8L?) to come later, which should push towards 300HP. Problem is, these are FWD packages, for RWD applications you are probably stuck with the old 4.0L for a while.

Don't forget the Yamaha/Volvo 4.4L V8, which will go into the larger Lincolns .

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, please initial your posts in the future. But as for the 3.5 and it's variants being available for rear wheel drive applications, see Jeff Fisher's blog and site, he has further information and speculation on availability of the new V6.

But in the short term, you are more than probably right, the 4.0L V6 will be the only choice. A poor choice at that, considering every other V6 near this size in a rear wheel drive platform is more powerful. The exception being the base V6 in Dodge/Chryser vehicles which are much smaller.