Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bill Ford can't even catch a break over at BlueOvalNews Forums, as tempers flare over the AFA situation.

The language is getting harsh even over at BlueOvalNews Forums. Bill Ford may not think that seeing his name in print is good no matter what they're saying about him after he reads the latest.

Here's more from the Detroit News;

Bill Ford has got to be feeling very stupid right now.

And you know what? The AFA is loving every minute of this. No matter what Ford says or does at this point, they've gotten the exposure that every hate group dreams of.


Shawn said...

Yeah...but isn't it also true that it is our fault as well? Those of us who did nothing to support Ford when this hate group threatened? I think it would have been a lot different if all of us wrote to Ford to support them...thousands upon tens of thousands. Then go out and buy Ford products.

Apathy and inaction is alway the beginning of every hate group. This is what I dislike about organized religion. Why is it that almost every hate group is religion based? Why is it that it can justify stoning a woman to death because she had sex outside of marriage? Why is it that beating a slave is justified as long as you don't kill him?

I'm not saying spirituality or religon is wrong...but the way "organized" religion has gone just makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, this is nothing more than free advertising and recruitment drive.

Ford may have made these changes in advertising marketing with out agreeing with the AFA and this would have just been about business, But no they had to make the public agreement and as stated
already added creadence to the AFA boycot.

AFA wins , and Ford looses twice. first in thier corporate image ( weasels ) and second in profits. as Boycots work both ways.

Midnight Magnum

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, I don't think this is anyone's fault but Ford's.

Disney and Wal-Mart both ignored the AFA and they went away. I'm not trying to work towards civil rights here, I'm blogging about Ford's foolish decision.

But I appreciate your comments here, often find them informative and interesting.