Thursday, December 22, 2005

Speaking of insane, Boomar reports on further adventures with a rental Mustang in the snow!

I just spoke to my friend Boomar and he started to update me on his adventures in Buffalo with a rental Mustang. I'll update later, but seems that the snow got so bad that they canceled his flight back to NYC Metro area. So of course he just drove a rental Mustang home.

Hell, just cause they can't fly in that weather, doesn't mean you can't make and almost 8 hour drive in a rear wheel drive Mustang. I wonder if he left the traction control on??

And yes I know I said that I was too busy to blog, but what are you going to do, some things are more important than getting all those gifts wrapped.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Boomar , he said : " Traction control thats for pussys " after going to SUNY Oswego
and driving his Cutlas , the Mustang was like driving a volvo.