Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Comparing prices in Europe of Ford models

I read a lot of automotive blogs from varying perspectives, and often the blogger will be bitching and moaning about our domestic auto offerings. Very often I'll read that American cars are too fuelish and don't handle compared to their European counterparts. Often I myself have wondered why Ford doesn't sell some of their European models here in the united states.

So I got curious about what the average Ford costs in Europe. I went to Ford's webpage, and checked 3 countries, Britain, Germany and just at random Denmark. I wanted to know how prices ran for similar Ford products in each country. For example, how much does a Ford Ka cost, the base model. In Britain you'll pay $12,352.00 , in Germany you'll pay $9,437.00 and in Denmark you'll pay $20,540.00. Now you read that correctly, for the same car in three countries in Europe you'll pay three very different prices.
For the Ford Focus ST in Germany $28,589. In Britain pay $30,453.00. And in Denmark it's a breathtaking $60,901.00 .

Even the Mondeo prices vary for the same model. In Britain $31,854 in Denmark $$69,523. German pricing wasn't as easy to figure out on German Ford site, I didn't use a translator.

I was shocked when I saw the price differences, especially between Germany and Denmark. Now I'm sure taxes or tarriffs explain some of it. But I tell you what if I'm going to pay $70K for a Mondeo, it had better be very good.

I guess I didn't have any real point with this, just some fun.


Anonymous said...


The point was as you stated , If you are going to pay so much for a vehicle that you will use less often and keep longer then the american average, you had better get a better vehicle. And that is amazing the diffrences between the three european countries.

Aren't there regional diffrences in the US market as well? granted not as wide as your examples for europe.

Midnight Magnum

Big Ford Fan said...

Regional prices in the US are usually associated with equipment packages, such as NY/Calif emissions and northern state requirements of rear window defroster.

But they are usually no more than a few hundred dollars.

The price variances in Europe were amazing. When I have more time, I'll see how other European countries fair. I wonder why Denmark is so expensive.

ericgp said...

Keep in mind, Denmark has one of the steepest tax systems globally. Up to 70% of peoples income is taken as taxes. Car registration taxes are 180%. VAT (Value Added Tax) is 25% (UK is only 17.5%).

The government of Danish government taxes in this way to ensure that there is very little disparity amongst the population, you don't end up with the extremely wealthy and the ridiculously downtrodden. You won't die in the street or go without healthcare regardless of what you make or don't make, however, don't expect to be able to have more than the Joneses or Smiths.

I hope that clarifies the differences in prices.

Big Ford Fan said...

Eric, thanks for the update on Denmark, I'll add that to stupid Socialist countries not to retire to or visit.

And just think, if the Democrats keep spending money, we can have the same hellish taxes here.

NLPRacing said...

Not to get too political here, but, wasn't the Democrats last to balance the budget? And didn't the Republicans run up our current debt due to their out of control spending?

Big Ford Fan said...

NLP, in order to avoid political debate here, I will say this. You may have a point, I'm not that politcally motivated, and will try not to get political in comments.

That said, it was sort of tongue in cheek, I mean they do call them the "Tax and Spend Democrats" for a reason.

NLPRacing said...

I hear ya. I'm almost as passionate about politics as I am about Ford's. Saying "tax and Spend Democrats" is kind of like saying "Toyotas are more reliable". Fact is Toyota has recalled more newer cars lately than anybody else, and the Democrats did balance the budget while cutting some taxes. But anyway, this is a Ford blog, so I'll keep my future comments about Ford's only... Have a Merry Christmas!