Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Boomar's a hardcore Mustang fanatic

I got a call last night from one of my best friends in the world, who of course is a major gearhead and Ford fanatic. He had to go to Buffalo on business and upon arriving in the land of snow and ice, asked the rental desk at the airport for a Mustang. The nice clerk, asked him if he was aware that the Mustang is rear wheel drive and that the weather was wintery? Our hero, anounced to the clerk, " I drive a Mustang all year round at home, not a problem." So the nice people at the rental company had someone dig out the Mustang from under all the snow, and fill the tank. Now as he's telling me this, I'm in total disbelief, and said to him "you're renting a Mustang in the snowbelt? At least it has traction control." " I shut that off right away, just anoys me."

So away from the airport he went with the traction control turned off, a base model Mustang with 210 hp V6 and automatic transmission. Now this was his first chance to drive the new Mustang, even though he owns a late model SVT Cobra and has had Mustangs in the past, he was impressed with the new Mustang, even the base V6 model. He relayed tales of donuts in snow covered parking lots and the tail swinging out in hard acceleration on slick winter roads. I was reminded why we're friends, both car nuts, him just a nut. I'm hoping he gets that Mustang back to the rental counter at the airport in one piece. I have visions of Steve McQueen returning the Firebird in the movie The Hunter, if you haven't seen it then go rent it and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Next trip I go on, I'm going to insist on a Mustang, even if the lugage may not fit, who cares. There's nothing better than flogging a rental car, just get the extra insurance.

So if you're in Buffalo, keep an eye open for a rental Mustang driven by a wild eyed redhead screaming Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!


Dotty Gale said...

He hasn't seen my goat yet :)

I'll have to visit when he's around.

Big Ford Fan said...

We want to plan a day at the track with his Mustang, your GTO, Bob's Magnum and whatever else we can get together. Maybe some time in the spring.