Friday, September 16, 2005

Tom's Ford Dream

While I dream small in my brother's veiw, he dreams big by my estimation. My older brother Tom called me the other day from a local Ford Dealer he's been dealing with for years. They happen to be a Saleen dealer also. He likes to bust my chops in a good natured way about my choices in wheels, but we have always had the common bond not just of brothers, but of being true blue oval fans. So he calls me to tell me he's thinking of getting a new Saleen Mustang next spring or summer. Normally I assume that someone is blowing hot air, but Tom does have 2 Mustangs already, both red GTs, a 91 hatch and a 2002 (?) convertible, so if he really wants a Saleen, I believe he'll get it. Now he wasn't specific about which model, but if I know him, it will be arrest me red, his favorite Mustang color


Shawn said...

I like the Saleen Mustang... For once Saleen didn't put all that offensive over-the-top vents and attachments all over the car. However, why not wait for the factory Shelby instead?

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, everyone's dream is different. If I had that kind of cash, I'd get the stock GT Mustang and put on an aftermarket supercharger. Then I'd have a real sleeper.

But Saleen does offer some real value and exclusivity in their tuner Mustang. Sometimes a number plaque is worth a couple of thousand bucks.

Anonymous said...

Wait or the Shelby and save some money. Saleen offers dress up and performance in stages and by the time you get close to Shelby performance it cost another apx. 15k.